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As Elliot successfully hacks the FBI, he thinks back to his first harmless hack at age 11 on a local library. He's in the zone but suddenly notices Ray's guy, Lone Star, is still there. He tells Lone Star he needs to speak with the old IT guy to finish the job for Ray.

The FBI logs evidence, including harddrives. Dom finds more evidence.

Angela arrives home to find Darlene there, who criticizes Angela for not having a well protected laptop. Angela is upset that she hasn't seen or heard from Darlene in weeks. Darlene reveals that the FBI could be onto Angela and Elliot, bringing up Angela's part in putting the hack CD in the computer at Allsafe, initiating the 5/9 hack. Darlene tells Angela that he erased the Allsafe logs to cover Angela's tracks. Darlene attempts to enlist Angela to help hack the FBI to erase all of the evidence, but Angela refuses.

Joanna Wellick meets with Kareen who is paranoid about having lied to the FBI and convinced his phone has been tapped. He tells her he no longer wants to help her cover for "some skinny guy" (Elliot).

At Evil Corp, the FBI continues to investigate. Dom complains about the lax security there. A coworker tells Dom about a recurring dream she has about a man in a surgical mask staring at her. The coworker is excited about them all going to China to investigate but Dom is less enthused, mentioning she throws up on planes.

Darlene visits Elliot and tries to convince him to talk to Angela about helping with the hack. Elliot flat out refuses to involve Angela and instead tells Darlene to make it happen, despite Mr. Robot agreeing with Darlene that they need to involve Angela.

Whiterose (as "Minister Zhang," their public self) meets with Santiago, Dom, and the rest of the FBI 5/9 hack team. Dom awkwardly brings up the Dark Army and asks for all the intel the government has on them. Zhang agrees to turn over all intel after an uncomfortable pause, and then invites the whole team over to their home.

Joanna reviews her mail and finds an unmarked envelope with a baby rattle in it. She gives the rattle to the baby.

Elliot tells Ray that he can't complete the site migration without access to the database. Ray is hesitant because he and RT, the old IT guy, didn't part on the best terms. He reluctantly agrees.

Joanna sings to the baby in Danish. Her security guy reports to her that he's been unable to track Tyrell's phone calls or packages. He also confirms that he killed Kareem in a framed robbery, as instructed. He asks why she wanted Kareem to be paralyzed and then shot, rather than killing him instantly. Joanna explains that she wanted Kareem to die with answers, knowing exactly why he was being killed.

Angela meets with her ex-boyfriend, who tells her he misses her, in a bar. He also hands her his resume and suggests that she looks for an open position for him. They chat about her new job and whether she misses Allsafe. He goads her for information and she realizes he's recording the conversation on his phone. She demands information from him and he confesses that he did speak to the FBI, giving them a description of the CD guy, but that he didn't mention her name. Angela storms out.

The FBI agents attend Zhang's party at their home. Dom steps away to attempt to find the bathroom and ends up finding a room filled with many clocks. Zhang finds her in the room. She asks Zhang about what the deal is with the clocks. Zhang repeats a quote to her and she realizes they have surrounded themselves with reminders of mortality. Zhang asks why she became an FBI agent and she explains that she is disgusted yet fascinated by the selfish brutality of the world.

Zhang brings Dom to another, private room and shows her a painting. They prod her for the real reason she joined the FBI. She explains that it's personal and Zhang continues to goad her for it. She explains that she was dating someone she thought was the one in law school and when they went to propose to her, she left the restaurant through the back. Several years later, she joined the FBI instead.

Zhang takes her to a room filled with their dresses. They tell her that they belong to their sister, who stays there when she's passing through. Zhang asks what Dom believes the world would look like had the 5/9 hack never happened. They become emotional contemplating it. Suddenly, clocks chime and Zhang briskly accompanies Dom back to the party.

Angela visits Elliot at his mom's house. Elliot is still resistant to involve her but Angela is insistent on going through with Darlene's plan, because she doesn't want to wait to get caught and is sure that Elliot won't let her walk into anything if he knows he can't pull it off. Angela tells Elliot that she misses him and asks why he kept turning her away. He mentions the day on the train platform and explains that he wanted to get rid of Mr. Robot before talking to Angela again, but that Mr. Robot is still there. Angela offers to be his friend, believing that might help him.

Darlene recruits a bodybuilding guy for an important job, telling him that it's a promotion.

Elliot meets with RT to work on Ray's site issue. He notices RT's badly beaten face. As Lone Star watches over them like a hawk, Elliot tries to secretly communicate with RT via Notepad, to ask what Ray did to him and get information about what Ray's site is exactly. RT explains that it's a very hard to access Tor site. He leaves the URL for Elliot to access. Elliot goes to the site and realizes it's a marketplace for illegal activity, including human trafficking, illegal weapon sales, and hiring hitmen. 

Elliot can't believe that Ray is guilty or knows what is on the site. Mr. Robot argues with him to forget about it but Elliot wants to help the people he saw on the site by turning Ray in.

Joanna gets a call on the mailed cell phone. There is only heavy breathing on the other end. She hears sires wailing and runs outside to see them. The ambulances head around the corner.

Angela hails a taxi and takes it to the subway. She takes the subway to meet Darlene at the Evil Corp counsel's apartment, assuring Darlene that she wasn't followed. She brings Angela into the apartment, where Trenton and Mobley are waiting.

A hungover Dom meets with her coworkers. She tells her coworker about the private tour from Zhang and how strange it was that Zhang told her that the dresses were his sister's when he doesn't have a sister. Their other coworker tells them that the found raspberry pi was another dead end because the guy who found it smeared the finger prints. Suddenly, the agents are attacked by a shooter, who kills many people. Dom takes cover, killing one shooter and taking another one down before the injured one kills himself. 

At Elliot's house, two of Ray's men grab him and drag him outside. Lone Star shows him the rat tail that he took from RT's head in getting information out of him, and Ray tells Elliot that he told him not to look at the site. Ray's two men begin savagely beating Elliot.

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I live for this shit.


You've surrounded yourself with a constant reminder of mortality.