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Terry Colby gives Price an advance copy of his memoir. Price asks Colby to go to bat for him in getting Winston Campbell to convince the President to allow China control in Central Africa. Price refuses to clarify why he is asking Colby to do this. He explains that he does what he does to be the most powerful person in every room, except one or two. Getting power in those one or two rooms drives him.

Joanna glams up to go out and meet with "Ollie" (Elliot). Her bodyguard advises her against it, but she retorts that if he'd have found Tyrell, they wouldn't need to meet. She brings Elliot to her house and demands that Elliot find Tyrell. Elliot claims he is not able to do that. Joanna tells him a story about her asking Tyrell to have sex with a woman and bring her cubic zirconia earrings back to her as a gift. She is sure Tyrell is alive, that he left her a cell phone, and that he's been calling her. She asks Elliot to trace the calls. Elliot refuses and tries to leave, but Joanna stops him and asks whether he really wants to say no to her.

Cisco brings one of fsociety's DC guys, Vincent, to the apartment, after having found him badly beaten in Susan's apartment. Cisco tries to convince Darlene to take Vincent to the hospital before he dies, but Darlene refuses, knowing that he could point the finger at Darlene. Cisco yells at Darlene to wake up.

Dom and the other FBI agents collect evidence in Susan Jacobs' apartment, since they knew the DC activists (the bull ball "teabaggers") fled to the apartment and have now realized that Susan is missing. The lead agent informs Dom that one of the people of interest in her 5/9 Hacker case (Cisco) was spotted at the apartment that night.

Elliot (with Mr. Robot) is in the car being driven by Joanna's bodyguard, who is taking him to trace the phone that Joanna believe Tyrell left. He convinces the bodyguard that he needs hardware in order to do this.

Dom takes her fresh evidence on Cisco (the two sketches from separate eyewitnesses), wanting to bring him in. Her boss wants to put the sketches on the news. Dom is against this, knowing that the Dark Army will kill Cisco if they know the FBI is onto him. Her boss does it anyway.

Elliot and the bodyguard go to the the electronic store to get the hardware they need. While there, the burner phone Joanna gave him rings. He hears heavy breathing and then the phone disconnects. At that point, Mr. Robot vanishes.

Darlene and Cisco wait in the hospital waiting room, having brought in Vincent for treatment. Darlene shares with Cisco what she overheard while listening in on Whiterose -- that Elliot is the one who came up with Stage 2. She admits that Cisco was right -- she is not special, Elliot is the one who made it happen and Elliot is the one who made it happen.

Intercut with scenes of Elliot creating a high-powered antenna to hack the phone, Darlene tells Cisco a story about when a crazy woman kidnapped her when she was a child on a family outing at Coney Island and she let the woman take her away to Nathan's and then back to her house -- she was happy to never see her family again. She was sad when the police took her home and wonders what her life would have been like if she'd stayed -- but notes that then she wouldn't have Elliot.

Elliot gets messages from Angela telling him that it's a 911 situation and they need to meet asap while he faxes in a blocked call tracing request, pretending it is from the NYPD in order to get it traced right away. The bodyguard starts to open up and talk to Elliot about his old clients who were eccentric before he worked for the Wellicks. Elliot zones out and instead wonders why Mr. Robot disappeared and whether he could have lied about Tyrell. Elliot asks his imaginary friend to look around the apartment to see if they can see anything.

A nurse asks Cisco and Darlene about Vincent's wounds, which are old. They lie and say that they just found him like that, and then go to kill an hour getting food while he gets more tests.

Elliot impersonates an NYPD officer and successfully traces the call's current location to a house on the Upper East Side. The bodyguard snaps a photo of the location and has a strong reaction to this information, saying that Tyrell would not be calling from there. He leaves, leaving Elliot behind in the apartment.

Meanwhile, Dom and the other FBI agents bust into Cisco's apartment. Dom finds his library card with his photo and name on it. Simultaneously, the media begins broadcasting Cisco's sketch all over the news, noting he may be wanted in connection with the 5/9 Hack, while he and Darlene eat at a diner. The nurse at the hospital where Vincent is being treated recognizes his face.

Elliot continues to receive frantic texts from Angela. In the diner, Darlene tries to convince Cisco that they can wipe his apartment and then flee. Cisco tells her that they can't leave, but Darlene is tired of having to look over her shoulder all the time.

At the hospital, Dom and her boss interview the nurse who called them having spotted Cisco. She describes Cisco as having been with a girlfriend and tells them that she told them to come back in an hour. Dom's boss believes that they saw the news report and fled. Dom realizes that they did not see the news report and probably didn't go far. She walks outside asking people whether they saw a young couple. One young woman suggests that there are places to eat still open five blocks away and Dom runs there on foot.

Dom gets to the restaurant where Darlene and Cisco are eating and calls for all units to come there for backup. She enters the restaurant but two shooters drive up and shoot up the restaurant. As the police drive up, the injured shooter kills himself to avoid capture. Dom, runs out, alive.

Angela and Elliot meet in an empty subway car. Angela asks Elliot why he started fsociety and tells him that an FBI agent came to her apartment. Angela tells Elliot that she's going to confess and that they can't beat the FBI and E Corp. She assures him that she would never implicate anyone else but warns him that sooner or later it will catch up with them.

Angela brings up a time when Elliot was pacing around the Queens Museum yelling because no one else could see someone -- Elliot doesn't remember this at all. Angela tells Elliot that he can't work with Mr. Robot. She suggests he get off the train at that stop. Before he leaves, he hugs Angela and they kiss. After Elliot gets off the train, two figures approach Angela.

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Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Is there a pocket of the world you don't have a hand in? Trading countries like playing cards?

Terry Colby

Politics is for puppets.

Philip Price