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Elliot and Darlene make their way into a building. 

Darlene lies that she's an employee as Elliot tries to update the system to say she works there. She gets access. 

They then hack the CCTV cameras to shut them down and head up to to a 3D printing place. They use the security personell's finger print to make a 3D finger. 

They then break into the server room and start their hack. The man grows concerned and goes upstairs. He realizes his details have been compromised and sneaks in. 

The cops are called. 

Darlene and Elliot lock him in as the police close in downstairs. Darlene implies that she came out of the gym, while Elliot rushes out of the building to let her get out. 

He runs and gets on a bus. The police arrive. He runs through the park. They keep chasing him. Ultimately, he has to jump down a hill to get to Darlene. They gear up to drive a way. 

Vera ambushes Krista, while Dom finds herself being told to hunt Elliot and Darlene. 

Mr. Robot
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