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Elliot realizes that he needs to do something about Olivia. 

He shows up at her home with drug-laced tea and tells her needs her help. She says no, and tries to kill herself. 

Elliot says the company she works for are monsters and that she should know more about them than she's letting on. 

She makes the call and tells Elliot he's a monster. 

This hurts Elliot. He promises to to make sure it cannot be traced back to her. 

He leaves. 

This also makes him contact Darlene, but little does he know Dom has her. Dom tries to kill her, but Janice shows up as Dom as she is pleading with Darlene to kill her. 

Janice says that it's going to be painful, but she won't kill Dom. 

Vera kidnaps Krista and says that she is the bully in this narrative. Krista says she isn't but she ends the episode by turning Elliot in for what he did. 

Mr. Robot
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Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Now, you're going to give me exactly what I want.


What you're about to do is crossing a line.

Mr. Robot