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Angela argues with her father over Whiterose. She says she will kill her the moment she gets the chance. 

Price cries and wishes his daughter had not said that. The Dark Army arrives and kills her, leaving Price to yell down the phone at Whiterose. 

Whiterose knows that the plan will be coming to fruition in December. We flash forward to then and Elliot is still trying to take him down. 

He turns to a law firm that is appearing on all of Whiterose's documents and realizes she is using an alias to funnel money. 

Elliot messes with the account. 

Darlene shows up at Elliot's home, convinced that she saw Angela wearing the same clothing she was wearing when she went missing. 

Elliot argues with her, telling her to get her shit together because they need to take on Dark Army and fast. 

We then learn that Darlene has been having crazy parties in Angela's house, getting drugged up and arguing with people. 

Elliot is shocked when a group of men appear at his home and load him with drugs. As he seemingly dies, they return and use Narcan to save his life. 

We then learn that Price is the person spearheading this new operation. 

Mr. Robot
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Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Whiterose: She made her choice.
Price: Choice? No, that's not allowed when it comes to you. No, you did this to her. You recruited her, and you killed her.
Whiterose: And you let it happen, didn't you? It wasn't without a valiant attempt on your part though. Trying to talk some sense into her. It isn't your fault that she wouldn't listen.

Price: You have to understand. I have been trying to stop her from hurting you. That's why I brought you here. But you talk like this and I cannot protect you. You have to relent. There's a chance, if you beg, it's the only way out of this, please. Please.
Angela: Shh. You're panicking right now. Remove all emotion and you will do just fine. Isn't that what you're good at? I'm not going to run. So, you should probably leave.