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In April of 1972, eight states have ratified the Equal Rights Amendment.

Ann Patterson calls Phyllis and tells her that the Equal Rights Amendment failed in Oklahoma because of Phyllis's newsletter.

Phyllis vents to Fred about Ann taking credit for her ideas in Oklahoma. Phyllis realizes she has to focus on her home state, Illinois.

At a party celebrating the release of the feminist magazine Ms., Gloria Steinem, co-founder of the magazine, answers questions from various reporters.

Gloria finds out that Betty Friedan doesn't think of her as part of the women's liberation movement. Bella Abzug tries to convince Gloria to be the official face of the movement.

In Illinois, Eleanor Schlafly hosts a study session about American prisons. Phyllis takes over the conversation, and it shifts to the Equal Rights Amendment.

Phyllis suggests starting a letter-writing campaign to Illinois representatives. Eventually, they get invited on The Phil Donahue Show. 

Gloria wants to put Shirley Chisholm on the cover of Ms. magazine's next issue, but Clay Felker, who funds the magazine, insists on putting Wonder Woman instead.

Phyllis arrives on The Phil Donahue Show to talk about stopping the ERA. She sparks interest in Henry Hyde, who wants a hearing before voting for ratification.

Gloria meets Betty Friedan on a plane, and Betty says that the reporter took her comments out of context.

In D.C., the women's rights movement meet with Senator George McGovern to convince the Democratic Party to adopt abortion issues as part of the party's platform.

Gloria suggests using the term reproductive freedom and gives McGovern a version of the policy to read over. 

Gloria spends some time with friends while she waits for Senator McGovern's phone call in her hotel room. He does not call.

On the day of the hearing in Illinois, Fred testifies on behalf of Phyllis and her friends. Congressman Hyde tells Phyllis that she has to bring her movement to the State Capitol. At home, Phyllis convinces her friends to rally at the State Capitol.

Gloria is walking with Bella. Gloria insists they have to focus more on abortion rights, Bella thinks they've done enough for the moment. Bella tells Gloria that she wants to nominate her to be the official spokesperson for the women's liberation movement.

At Illinois State Capitol, Phyllis and her friends have baked loaves of bread and hand them out to various Congressmen, in protest of the ERA.

In D.C., members of the women's liberation movement discuss losing Illinois because of Stop-ERA. Now they are worried about Phyllis.

Illinois votes against ratification of the ERA. Gloria insists on pushing for abortion rights at the convention. Bella disagrees, Gloria storms out and refuses to run for spokesperson.

Back in New York, Gloria runs into a woman who asks her to sign a copy of Ms. magazine.

In Illinois, the Schlafly family celebrates their congress voting against the ratification of the ERA.

Gloria is on the phone with Bella but hangs up when her boyfriend comes over.

Later that night, Phyllis asks Fred to help her with legal talk for her campaign arguments.

Gloria has a flashback to a secret abortion she had years ago. She goes to visit Bella and agrees to be the spokesperson as long as they force a vote on abortion on the convention floor.

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You got into this race to get us out of the war. This is our Vietnam.


How long are we supposed to wait? How many more women are going to die from botched abortions while we wait for men to feel comfortable with us having control over our own bodies? How many women are going to be forced to give birth to babies they can't afford to feed while we wait for housewives who have no idea what it's like to have to work to survive to feel comfortable with women having power? How long do we give people to adapt to change? Am I the only one who's so fucking tired of waiting?