Shirley Chisholm - Mrs. America
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Phyllis Schlafly attends Congressman's Phil Crane's fundraiser. 

The following week, Phyllis appears as a guest for Phil Crane's talkshow, Conservative Viewpoint. She knows a lot more about current political events than he does.

Phil invites Phyllis to Washington D.C. to meet prominent conservative politicians to help her run for Congress.

At Phyllis's house, she talks to her sister-in-law, Eleanor, about an upcoming mother-daughter luncheon. 

Phyllis visits her husband, Fred, at his office. She expresses interest in running for Congress again -- she failed twice already. He discourages her from doing so, but he promises he will talk to his friend, named Glen, about sponsoring her campaign.

Phyllis attends a beauty salon with some friends, including her best friend, Alice. They discuss their disapproval for the Equal Rights Amendment and feminism. 

Phyllis brings her mother home. 

When Phyllis arrives at her house, she finds a box of books that Alice dropped off. Fred comes home and tells Phyllis he invited Glen to dinner. He finds out she is going to Washington.

In D.C., Phyllis sees a group of feminist activists. She goes to Phil Crane's office, and she asks about supporting her campaign. Phil persuades her to stay in D.C. until the morning.

At the meeting with conservative politicians, Phyllis expresses disdain for the Equal Rights Amendment. 

A congressman asks Phyllis to get a pad to take notes. When she returns, they discuss the ERA again. Phyllis passionately expresses her disapproval for the Amendment, but the people she is meeting with are in favor of the Amendment. Phyllis does not stay in D.C. overnight.

Eventually, Glen and his wife come over for dinner. They discuss the Equal Rights Amendment, and Phyllis announces that she is not running for Congress anymore.

At the mother-daughter luncheon, Phyllis makes a speech about standing against the Equal Rights Amendment. 

Phyllis revives her newsletter, The Phyllis Schlafly Report, and writes about the ERA. She sends copies of the newsletter to the people on her mailing list.

Meanwhile, Phyllis's housekeeper, a woman of color, watches a television segment about Shirley Chisholm, the first African American to run for a presidential nomination, and the first woman to run for the Democratic presidential nomination.

A few months later, in March 1972, Congress votes in favor of the Equal Rights Amendment. A group of second-wave feminists celebrate. They hear about Phyllis Schlafly's newsletter, but they brush it off. 

Mrs. America
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