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Halloween is just around the corner for Mulaney.

Motif is convinced that he is being haunted by the ghost of his neighbor, Mr. Lapides. 

Lou is upset about the quality of the writing coming from his staff. Mulaney worries that the ghost may be writing jokes. 

Jane conspires to take over the apartment of their deceased neighbor. Her plan is pretending to be his common law wife. 

Mulaney goes to tell Lou the the truth about the jokes that he didn't write, but becomes scared when Lou threatens to fire another writer. 

Jane moves into her new apartment. Meanwhile Mofit watches the video cameras he set up to catch the ghost of Lapedes. 

Lou dresses up as Austin Powers and asks Mulaney to write him 100 jokes before the end of Halloween night. 

John and Motif consult a ouija board so that Mulany can get more jokes from him. Mulaney then attends the shiva for Mr. Lapides so that he can get some more jokes. 

Mulaney goes out to the graveyard after hearing the Lapedes was buried with a book of jokes. He then goes to Lou to tell him that he didn't write the jokes. 

Jane moves back into the apartment after the landlord does not believe she was married to the tenet. 

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Mulaney Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Impossible. I was doing a lot of anti cat stuff. The mice love that.


Halloween is the least sentimental holiday. No one is ever like 'I should give mom a call. Ever since pop died she never goes out on Halloween dressed as a power ranger and takes ecstasy.'