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Mulaney is preparing for a visit from his very Catholic mother. 

Jane is getting more series with her new boyfriend and begins taking birth control. 

Mulaney's mother comes over to his house and and speaks with his roommates. Mulaney's mother is excited to meet Lou Cannon. Their meeting goes well when Mulaney's mother compliments Lou's mother. 

Lou invites Mulaney's mother to a Yankee game, meaning that she is staying until Monday and Mulaney must attend Sunday mass. 

Lou, Mulaney and his mother go for a drive in Times Square. Mulaney takes the opportunity to ask Lou to tell his mother not to go to the game. 

Mulaney goes to the church and attempts to convince the priest to lie to his mother. 

Mulaney says a prayer asking God for help with his situation. The next day in church it seems that Mulaney's prayers have been answered. 

Meanwhile, Jane is having strange side effects from her birth control that are making her act like Andre. Andre gets off of the birth control and becomes more normal.

Mulaney goes over to Oscar's house for advice. He decides that he must tell his mother the truth. When he does tell her the truth his mother tells him that she kissed Lou. 

Jane breaks up with her new boyfriend and Andre appears to have gone through some permanent changes. 


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Mulaney Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Amigo, I much more comfortable around more recently born women. What can I say im a Peter Pan.


Kill those sperm. Game over baby, yeah.