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Mulaney and Jane attend the tenant meeting for their building. Motif realizes that he was not invited because he is not on the lease for the apartment. Mofit's feelings are hurt when he discovers that he is not on the cable bill either. 

Lou recalls his audience plant that he has been working with for years. 

On advice from his girlfriends, Motif decides that he needs to research Jane and Mulaney's past roommates. Motif goes to Andre seeking information on past roommates. 

Mulaney and Jane put Motif on the cable bill as a way of making it up to him. Motif is upset that his roommates will not add him to the lease. 

Lou's audience plant, Arnie, wants him to write a contract, however, Lou is reluctant to write the contract.

Lou struggles to find a replacement for his audience plant.

Motif moves out of the apartment. Mulaney and Jane realize that they miss Motif being in the apartment and decide to win him back by adding him to the lease. As Motif is a about to sign a new lease he agrees to move back in.

John is removed from the lease when Oscar informs the gang that only two people can be on it.



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Mulaney Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

We canceled the Time Travel Channel.


I was looking for an apartment and one wall was a mirror. It makes the place look bigger.