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Terry and Hildy are upset that Erich Blunt got away with killing Cindy, so they turn their focus back to Kevin Nyers' death. They believe that Blunt had something to do with his father's death.

Terry contacts the boys who said Chris Walters was at Nyers' house. They confess that they lied because an old man threatened their lives. Terry and Hildy visit Salter first who denies any involvement. They then visit Erich's grandfather, James Harbach, who is dying from cancer.

The boys identify Harbach as the man who held a gun to their heads and threatened them. Before Terry and Hildy can do anything, they were notified that Harbach committed suicide. 

Terry visits Erich and warns the killer he's going to connect him to Nyers' killing.

Ivana decides to leave Applesn and partners with Erich's nemesis, Jeremy Leonard, in a new company. Erich is furious and threatens them both.

Terry and Hildy are assigned a new case involving an overdose death of a socialite. Warren Daniels shows up with her husband and proves he couldn't have killed her.

Murder in the First
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