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SFPD detectives Terry English and Hildy Mulligan look into the case of a murdered junkie when they find a connection to a young billionaire tech CEO, Erich Blunt.

Erich originally denies knowing the man, but it turns out that the deceased was most likely Erich's biological father. Erich met him, gave him some money and left. He continued to deny knowing about the blackmail email.

A computer programmer, Jeremy, threatens to sue Erich for stealing his code. Erich refuses to settle out of court and threatens Jeremy.

Erich has been having an affair with his flight attendant, Cindy. When she accidentally spills red wine on his during turbulence he flips out and fires her. She doesn't show up for work and her boss finds her dead at the bottom of her stairs.

Hildy finds photos connecting Erich to Cindy.

Terry gets a call at the crime scene that his wife has died.

Murder in the First
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