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The opening is with Trump and Hillary and the election. The election. Murphy is dreaming. She wakes up and sees that Trump won the election. Murphy walked in the bar for coffee. She's supposed to be retired, but she can't get used to it. Frank comes in with a pink cap. Corky walks in Ivanka Trump shoes. She was replaced on the morning show by the weatherman. 

Frank: I like being famous. Murphy misses being on the air. 

Two months later, Murphy's son comes to visit. (Her pillow says, "Tired-Ass Honky Ho" He's got big news. He's coming back to Washington. The Wolf Network offered him his show. He took it. He wants to change the culture there (it's the Fox network.)  Murphy: "They've got one. It's orange, lives in the Oval Office, and is Facebook friends with Putin."

Avery is taking the job, but Murphy doesn't agree with his decision. 

Murphy's big news is she's going back on the air at CNC (which is CNN, obviously). It's a round table. They both have shows mornings during the same timeslot.

Murphy arrives at Miles's place. He tells her not to come in. She goes in. He's been away at a facility. Frank and Corky showed up. When Miles left FYI, he took a job on The View, and it nearly killed him. He had a meltdown and had to go away for a while. Miles: Two years on The View almost killed me. Those women. The gossip. Every day was like an episode of Game of Thrones.

They're trying to talk Miles into producing their new show on the air. He's afraid because it's bad in the world. O.J. is out; Nazis are in. Matt Lauer. It's bad out there.

Two more months have gone by, and now they're at the set of Murphy in the Morning. The tech guy is introduced, and he wants everyone on social media. Murphy has a flip phone. He's flipping out over the flip phone. He opens it for Siri. She's not there.

They're talking about what they're covering during their first show.

Hillary walks in to apply for the secretary. Murphy is interviewing her. Hilary@youcouldhadme.com is her email address. During the interview, she drops a lot of things like she was a secretary for a large organization, she has a lot of experience with emails. She's wearing her red power pants suit. And she spells her name with one L instead of 2.

Murphy is playing with her new phone. Avery walks in and helps her. He helps her set up her Twitter account. She's needling him about his show. He tells her about his show. She tweets that she once went on a date with Trump. It went viral.

Miles flips out that her tweet went viral. Murphy is nervous, Frank is excited, and Murphy just flipped Miles out. Corky is having a hot flash. 

Corky went into a story about going home for Thanksgiving. 

they start the show with climate change. Corky is talking about ice very passionately because she has a hot flash. The source fell through the ice. Trump tweets Murphy online. She's fighting with Trump on the air via tweets. Murphy: "Oh, and by the way, if I had your hair, I'd be against wind too."

Murphy is on the couch with a headache that she was afraid she screwed. Avery said it was good television. She didn't want to stoop to the level she did. She wanted to be a real journalist. Murphy's show got the numbers and beat her son's show.

Old Murphy my ass.


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Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 1 Quotes

They've got one. It's orange, lives in the Oval Office, and is Facebook friends with Putin.


I like being famous.