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Miles is on the phone. Murphy is trying to get his attention. She needs an assistant. 

Miles: You go through assistants like dairy goes through me.

Frank is late. Corky calls him out on spending the night with a woman the night before. He's wearing the same clothes as yesterday.

They start the show. Murphy is talking about viruses. Frank is reporting on yellow fever, and denge fever but he can't stop smiling.

Murphy and Corky want to know who the mystery woman is.

Hector Gomez is a whistle blower on a company making sythetic opiod, flooding the market and profiting. Murphy wants to move quickly and they can't risk a leak. 

No one is to talk about it. They're leaving Pat out. He knows already. He hacks into their accounts. Murphy's ex assitants have a support group. Pat thinks he's solved her assistant problem with VAL, a virtual assistant.

Murphy: I never know what this kid is saying.

Pat says it's cutting edge. It rips on Trump lying. Murphy is impressed. The wolf network is the enemy and they don't want them getting the scoop.

At Phil's, Phyllis' helper is talking on the phone in Spanish. A patron at the bar tells him to speak English because he's in America now. The assistant goes on and on about the US and the states and the history of the US, touting his knowledge.

The patron says it's time to take America back and tells him he can have him deported with one phone call. Phyllis is listening in the background and is proud of what she hears.

Phyllis: Hey pal, when you're in this bar you're in my America. And if you can't behave yourself I'll deport your ass right out that door.

The gang walks in and get a table. Murphy wants to know who Frank is dating. He refuses to tell her.

Avery shows up. He says that his show is being extended past the 9am hour because Christy Shepherd showed up in the same clothes as the night before. Just like Frank. Murph and Corky know right away she's the one he spent the night with.

Miles starts going on and on about how they can't lose their monster story in front of Avery. Avery asks about the story. Murphy tries to distract him, but Avery stays. She tells him that an anonymous source sent them "the pee take"

Murphy: Well, I've been lying to him since he was born. I know what I'm doing.

Murphy lectures Frank on seeing this woman who's a conservative. They've been dating for a while. She's worried about her story. Frank worries about Avery and Murphy takes offense. She tells him he's crossed a line.

Murphy in the Morning completes and Miles announces to the team they are breaking the story in the morning. Pat shows up and puts Christy Shepherd on the screen who is beaking the story about the drug company. Murphy's story.

They're arguing about how they got scooped. Frank blames Avery. Murphy blames Frank.

Christy meets Frank and apologizes for scooping them. She said she wouldn't use him for a story. She is upset that he doesn't trust her.

Avery is digging up the back yard. He found Barney buried in the back. Murphy asks Avery if he found some of her notes and leaked the story. He's not really offended. He starts quoting Barney.

Back at the show, Miles admits he's the leak. He was wrong. They don't know who leaked the stories. VAL's the leak.


Murphy Brown
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