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ABC’s new documentary-style drama “My Generation” checks in with nine Austin high school students ten years after they graduated. The documentary crew examines how various social, political, and personal events affect the development of these teenagers into adults.

Steven, the class over-achiever, gave up on college and moved to Hawaii to surf and bartend after his father, an Enron executive, was sent to jail. Caroline, the wallflower, notifies him that they actually conceived a son during their one night together at prom. He returns to Austin, but avoids seeing his child until Caroline runs into him on the street. His rude handling of the situation causes Caroline to leave in a huff.

Brenda, the brain, used to be involved with Anders, the rich kid, but his family did not approve of their relationship. She went on to become a lawyer in Washington, D.C. working with a congressman from Massachusetts. Anders married the pageant Queen, Jackie, and their marriage has already grown stale after only two years.

Kenneth, the nerd, and Dawn, the punk, ended their relationship after high school; however, she lives with Kenneth while her husband Rolly, the jock, is stationed in Afghanistan. Her pregnancy and close proximity cause tension for Kenneth whose desire to have a big family has led him to donate his sperm. Unfortunately, he finds out he is sterile.

The characters are beginning to converge in Austin when Falcon, the rock star, returns from New York where he is an aspiring producer and deejay, while Brenda’s mother has a stroke, and Steven tries to connect with his son.

My Generation
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