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Tiffany possesses George's body and goes back to her home. She writes "I know" on Ryan's mirror. 

Nancy decides to talk to Karen since she found a picture of her and Dead Lucy. 

Ryan calls George about someone breaking into his house. 

Nancy, Ace, and Bess find George scratching her own face off in photos. 

The gang realizes George didn't leave the mirror on Tiffany's body, which is how Tiffany possessed her. 

Nick asks Ace to help him get back the flash drive Laura stole. 

Nancy takes a picture of George and shows it to her. Tiffany realizes she's in George's body and George snaps back to herself. 

The gang tells George she's possessed and they go to her mom for help. 

Her mom worries that the spirit will take up permanent residence of George's body. 

Nancy, George, Nick, and Ace cater an event while Bess and Victoria work on a plan. 

A hand comes out of the dirt and tries to grab Nancy. Nancy runs into Karen and asks her about Lucy. 

Laura tells Nick she needs a password to get into the flash drive. 

Bess gives Lisabeth her number and sees George in a cocktail dress with a knife in her hand. 

Nancy corners her and asks Tiffany about the night she died.

Victoria tries to banish Tiffany from George's body, but Laura stops the ritual and Tiffany escapes. 

Tiffany runs into Ryan and Nancy catches up to them. After Ryan leaves Victoria performs the ritual again and Nick convinces Tiffany to let go of George's body. He promises her that he'll keep her sister safe. 

George wakes up as herself again. 

Ace convinces Laura to give Nick the flash drive back. The documents make them wonder if Owen had something to do with Tiffany's death. 

Nancy finds a video of Dead Lucy and Ryan Hudson. 

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Bess filled me in on what you guys did at the funeral. We're platanchors now, so she tells me things.


Ace: What else could it be?
Bess: I don't know. Maybe something supernatural?
Nancy: Right, because that's the go-to explanation.