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Nancy discovers that Nick was the last person in contact with Tiffany before she died. She confronts him and asks what Tiffany left for him in her mom's car, but he refuses to tell her. 

Ace tells Nancy and Bess that the storm coming allegedly brings spirits ashore. 

Nick shows Nancy the clock Tiffany gave him and she agrees to help him figure out what it means. He reveals that Nancy's mom was his social worker.

A girl names Rita comes into the diner to interview for a job. George has several close calls at work, and Bess and Ace are confident that she's cursed. 

The clock inspires Nick and Nancy to investigate several books that Tiffany gave Nick while he was in jail. The books lead them to the Lilac Inn. 

Carson tells Ryan that the Lilac Inn is about to become a public landmark. 

Ace and Bess drive past Bess' van which has a branch sticking out of the window from the storm. 

Nick tells Nancy that after Tiffany heard Nick's side of the story, she wished she could take her testimony back. Nancy pushes him for more details about the night that landed him in jail, but he gets upset. 

Carson and Ryan show up at the inn and Nick and Nancy hide. 

Ryan asks Carson if Tiffany could have been haunted. 

Nancy realizes the clock is a combination lock. They use the key inside to open a hidden vault. Nick and Nancy grab the contents and leave the Lilac Inn before her dad can find them. They run into Karen on the way out. 

Nancy tells Nick that the police have offered to drop all pending charges against her if she helps make a case against him. She decides to help prove Nick's innocence instead. 

George almost gets hurt again at work, and Rita disappears the moment it happens. 

Nick tells everyone his teammate Austin was drunk and hurting his friend. Nick protected her and Austin ended up going through a second-story window, which is how Nick got convicted. 

George sees an old flyer stating that a girl named Rita was killed in a boating accident. 

Nick and Nancy open up the lockbox from the safe and find five million dollars in bonds that Tiffany left for him. 

Ace takes Nancy to Bess' van so she can talk to her. Nancy invites Bess to stay with her, and discovers that Bess has Tiffany's missing diamond ring. 

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

George: I don't believe in curses.
Bess: Well, then explain that!
George: Gravity!

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Nancy: George is extra prickly today.
Ace: She kicked a blood bucket. So the curse says she'll be dead inside a year.