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Carson has been in jail awaiting trial for two weeks, while Nancy struggles with her guilt over putting him there. 

Ace comes back to work. 

Nancy learns that Tiffany Hudson's death was the result of poisoning. 

The DNA test proves that Owen and Bess are cousins and that Bess is a Marvin. 

Nick tells Owen that he destroyed the burial coins he bought at the auction. Bess suggests they work together to take down the Hudsons rather than fight about it. 

After a Google search, Nancy and Ace realize Ace's dad worked on a case involving the same rare poison that killed Tiffany. They go to Ace's dad for help. 

Ryan comes by the diner to apologize to George. Bess proposes to Owen and Nick that they go to him for help taking down the Hudsons.

Nancy decodes the original killer's message and puts a video on her fan page daring them to come after her.

Owen goes to Nancy's house to check on her. 

Nancy receives a cipher from the killer, giving her three hours to save, Claire, the next victim. Nancy goes to the cops, and the killer penalizes her by decreasing her time. 

Ryan gets everything out of the safe by the docks.

Nancy and her friends sneak into the high school to save Claire. Nancy finds her, but gets locked in a room with poison pouring out of the vents. 

George and Nick realize that Claire is the killer. 

Ace gets the door open, and Nick drags Nancy out while Claire escapes.

Nancy wakes up in the afterlife and sees Dead Lucy. Nick and George find the antidote and bring her back.

Ace catches Claire and turns her into the cops.

After a talk with her friends, Nancy accepts her dad's call. 

Dead Lucy appears behind Nancy in the doorway.

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Ace: Did you miss me?
George: I absolutely did not.

He shouldn't miss me. He should hate me. I put him there.