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Nancy kisses Owen who turns into Nick. Dead Lucy jumps out at her and she wakes up. 

Nancy goes to visit her dad in prison after discovering her mom was Lucy's guidance counselor. She promises to get her dad out, even after he begs her to let it go. 

The owner puts the Bayside Claw on the market. 

Nick finishes his court ordered therapy sessions.

Everett Hudson tells Nancy he'll help get her father out of jail if she finds out what "counterfeit" proof Owen has of the Hudson's involvment in his uncle's murder.

Bess shows Lisbeth her van. 

George asks Ryan if she can borrow money to help keep The Claw open, but he declines. 

Nancy and Bess follow Owen to his and realize he's purposelly declinging Nancy's calls. 

Owen introduces Nancy and Bess to Bashiir, the only survivor of the Bonny Scot. They offer to help him with his immigration status if comes forward with his testimony, but he refuses. 

Nick volunteers to help George save The Claw. She lets him carve his name into the bottom of one of the tables. They share a moment and Nancy walks in. 

Nancy asks Nick for advice about what to do about whether or not she should sell out Owen. Forgetting that he's supposed to help George, Nick and Nancy go to visit Bashiir.

Ever since the Drew Crew's séance, Bashiir has been haunted and forced to relive the night the Bonny Scot sunk. 

Bashir shows Nancy and Nick proof that the ship was bombed. 

Nick realizes that George is mad at him for ditching her. 

Bess has dinner with the Marvins and the Hudsons. 

Nancy shows up and tells Everett that Owen found the sole survivor of the Bonny Scot. Everett agrees to wire Bashiir two million dollars to keep him quiet. 

Lisbeth and the police, who were the owners of the bank account, arrest Everett. 

Nancy finds the missing contents of Lucy's file in the Hudson house. 

Before Nancy leaves, she kisses Owen. 

Despite her efforts to save it, the owner tells George The Claw is being sold.

Bess and Lisbeth exchange "I love you's" and have sex. 

Nick tells George he's the one buying the diner, and the two of them can co-own it. 

After getting justics for those who died on the ship, Bashiir's haunting stops.

Nancy wonders if Lucy Sable's mother is a suspect in her murder. 

Celia Hudson tells someone over the phone to shut up Carson Drew permanently. 

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Everett: Find out what Owen thinks he has.
Nancy: Don't you have people who usually do this kind of stuff for you?
Everett: Yes, I do. And he's in jail. You want my help getting him out, or not?

Carson: Please, let this go.
Nancy: You know me better than that.