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Alternate Reality:

Nancy meets Nick for the first time and reunites with her friends on her college break. After a smoke detector goes off, she realizes nothing is real. 

After telling the fake Drew Crew what's happening, Nick tells her he just bought 1800 Larkspur Lane. They go to check out the house and find the whisper box. 

They go to Ryan Hudson to see if he has the key to open it, but he tells them that Nancy hid it and left him with a set of clue. 

Nancy sits with her mom, while she calls the doctor for her test results. They come back negative. 

Nick comes over to Nancy's house to help her, and they have sex. 

Nancy and the Drew Crew follow her clues and find the key in an oak tree at the cemetery.

Nancy opens the whisper box, but it doesn't snap her back to reality.

She goes to her room and finds her mother's letter, which is her way out. Nancy says goodbye to her mother, and goes back to present-day. 

Real World:

In the real world, Nick and George attempt to get to Nancy, but the orderly keeps everyone out of the building. 

Ace and Bess track down a priest named Father Shane. He gives them holy water to help Nancy.

Sal steals the orderly's keys and gets the Drew Crew into the institute. They try to carry Nancy out of the Whisper Box, but she seizes. 

Bess realizes Nancy needs to make her own way out. She tries to talk to her to coax her back. 

The holy water starts to wear off and Nancy starts seizing. Nick pours more on Nancy's face and she stops. 

Nancy wakes up and realizes she still has Nancy Sable's key card. Her friends help her out of the room. 

Back at The Claw, Nancy tells everyone about her alternate reality. She watches George and Nick work together, and appears to be disheartened. 

Nancy goes home and finds her dad is on house arrest. She discovers that Lucy's key card goes to Tiffany Hudson's lockbox. 

Nancy realizes Tiffany was also haunted by Lucy, and she was killed before she could get to the bottom of her murder. 

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Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

I am stuck in a dream of my perfect life.


Everyone in here is perfect and happy. And there's no ghosts, and my mom's still alive, and you all like me.