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Nancy gathers the Drew Crew minus Bess after she discovers the shroud is gone.

Ace tells them that he told Amanda about the shroud. They go to the Bobbsey home and confront Gil about the shroud. He admits to having it.

His mother, Rosemary, was murdered fourteen years ago and he wants to use the shroud to revive her alleged murderer, Eddie Collins, to get him to tell the truth. Eddie is about to be pulled off of life support.

Nancy offers to solve his mother's murder in exchange for Gil giving the shroud back.

Amanda gives Ace a list of Gil's stash spots. They, along with Nick and George, search them but come up empty.

Nancy and Gil visit Eddie. They find paintings of Gil's mother in the basement. They all have mysterious specters in the background. Nancy finds out from his caretaker that Eddie is blind and doesn't paint.

Nancy and Ace go to the art gallery where Eddie was going to have his paintings appraised. They ask a worker if they know who painted the works. He tells them the artist goes by "Unknown."

Each of the paintings has a signature on them -- 5962. They buy a piece of his work.

George and Nick saw the same signature on a baby book they found at one of Gil's stash spots. The Drew Crew discovers a painting of how Rosemary would look today underneath the paintings.

Carson calls Nancy to tell her Eddie died.

At Eddie's house, Nancy and Amanda tell Gil that his mother is still alive. She suffered from psychiatric delusions and thought she was being hunted by a monster. She met Eddie in group therapy.

Amanda convinces Gil to give back the shroud.

Odette takes over George's body and goes to the cliffs to kill herself. Nick and Bess go and convince her not to jump.

Ace tracks down Rosemary in New Mexico.

Ace receives a text from his brother.

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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Nick: So, this thing that could kill you, it was...it was just in your locker.
George: It was locked in my locker.
Nick: Right. Oh, okay. But not in a bank or a safe or somewhere that's actually-
George: Hey, Ace. Was anything else taken?

Nick: We had a visit from Odette.
George: Oh, that bitch.