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The Drew Crew looks for sand to use against the Aglaeca. They plan on using themselves to bait her. 

They all get into a fight when things start looking bleak. 

Nancy remembers there was sand in Ryan's car, and she divides it up between the Drew Crew. 

While waiting for the Aglaeca, the Drew Crew share their regrets over the phone. Nancy apologizes for getting them all into this mess. 

The Aglaeca comes for George and Nick. They use the sand to turn the water in the truck to seawater and trap the Aglaeca inside.

Nancy falls off the cliff, but she remembers how Carson saved her as a baby and it gives her the strength to climb back up. 

Everyone goes back to The Claw to celebrate, but they all see visions of their dead bodies on the floor. 

Accepting their deaths, everyone ties up loose ends. Ace leaves someone a message saying that he thinks he's their brother. Nick gives the Tiffany flash drive to Ryan. Nancy goes to see Carson and forgives him. 

Nancy realizes that if they can get through to the human side of the Aglaeca, she might not kill them.

The Drew Crew recites the letters Odette wrote and The Aglaeca turns back into her human form. She disappears in a flash of light and the clock confirms the day of their death has come and gone. 

Before they can celebrate, they realize George has been impaled. 

George tells Nick she loves him and dies in his arms. 

Nancy uses a shroud she steals from the Keeper's archives to bring George back from the dead. 

Back at the archives, all of the lockboxes holding the artifacts open and smoke comes out of them. 

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

I regret ever hurting any of you. You trusted me when I made mistakes, and I never wanted anybody to get hurt. Even though I am a Hudson and my genes don't exactly do me favors in the leadership department.


Nick: How do we lure her into the open?
Nancy: We use ourselves as bait.