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At Manchester airport, Bess plants contraband on her husband, Stephen, and sets him up to be caught by the police.

One year later, Bess is practicing a speech for the Hunt and Roast.

Ace calls Bess to tell her about her husband showing up at the Breaker Hotel.

Stephen finds Bess. He wants her to get the Spider Sapphire, a priceless Marvin heirloom. He promises all her debts will be forgiven if she does so. He also threatens to tell Aunt Diana about her criminal past and inform British authorities.

Bess tries to tell Aunt Diana of her past, but Aunt Diana informs her that she already knows. Bess calls Stephen and tells him she won't be stealing for him.

Nancy and George track down an R. Jenkins as a lead into the shroud that brought George back to life. But he is dead. They find out that he was revived with the shroud in a car crash in 1986. He died the same night they beat the Aglaeca.

They deduce that Jenkins was haunted by the other two drivers who died the night of the car crash. Just like how Odette is in George's head.

Nancy and George are taken by Stephen.

At the Hunt and Roast, Stephen calls Bess to inform her. He'll exchange her friends for the Spider Sapphire.

Ace helps Bess get the Spider Sapphire from Aunt Diana.

Ace pulls the GPS coordinates from the photo of Nancy and George Stephen sent Bess.

Bess gives Stephen the heirloom. Nick and Ace save George and Nancy.

Aunt Diana confronts Bess about stealing her heirloom. Stephen planted the Spider Sapphire on Bess to frame her. Aunt Diana kicks her out of the family.

George tells Nick about Odette.

The lockers at The Claw have been ransacked and the shroud is gone.

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Ryan: Nancy's here? Right now? Did she say anything about me?
Nick: Uh, no. Hey, but that just means she's still working through her feelings about you being her father. Okay? She'll talk when she's ready.

Nancy: I'll tell Nick that we need the morning off.
George: Wait, no. Don't tell Nick, please. I haven't quite looped him in yet.
Nancy: About the murderous French ghost that's time-sharing your body ever since we defeated the Aglaeca?
George: It hasn't come up in conversation.
Nancy: Okay.
George: Look, it's for his own good. Okay? He just got over his nightmares of me dying in his arms. I'm not gonna send him on an anxiety spiral.