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Grant tells Ace that he received a call from Daniel West, a man who used to work with his mother at the Holt Group. He wants something she stole from the company they worked for. Grant knows that it is hidden in a place called Red Gate. He wants Ace to talk Nancy into helping him.

Nick plans on meeting a person named the Saint who supposedly has physical evidence to prove the Hudsons were involved in murders for hire.

Odette leaves Bess a love letter. Bess writes her back.

Celia wants Nancy to recant her statement that Everett ordered twelve men to be killed to protect herself and prove her loyalty to Everett.

Nancy, Ace, and Grant find an old gaming device in the tunnels at Red Gate that Grant's mother hid there. The tunnels cave in and trap Nancy and Grant.

The three of them work together to escape.

Carson gets files and videotapes loaned to him from Grant's mother's case. Nancy, Ace, and Grant watch them and find out that Daniel West was another key witness in the case against the Holt Group.

The old gaming device is the Theseus80 -- a hacking device. They need a code to decipher it.

Nancy tells Celia that she won't recant her testimony.

Thom helps Ace figure out the code. They unlock the device and find a list of witnesses.

Daniel kidnaps Ace. He calls Nancy and tells her to bring him the list in exchange for Ace's life.

George finds Bess's love letter to Odette. She tells her that their relationship should end.

Nancy and Grant arrive at the warehouse where Daniel is keeping Ace. Daniel tells them that the Holt Group was just a front for The Road Back, and he will gain their favor if he gives them the list of witnesses.

Nancy and Grant give him the device and save Ace. Nancy has Celia send someone to follow Daniel to get the device back.

Grant and his mother get relocated.

Nick finds the Saint. He sends him the proof, but it all indicates Ryan. Everett set him up to take the blame for all of his crimes.

Ace tells Thom about Grant. They meet before he has to go back to his mother.

In return for Celia getting the device back, Nancy amends her statement in Everett's case. She tells the District Attorney that she was wrong when she said Everett was responsible for the tragedy on the Bonny Scot.

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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Grant: Daniel will be here in twenty-four hours, which is why I decided to confide in you.
Ace: Because you heard that I've been called the hero of Horseshoe Bay?
Grant: Because I knew you could talk Nancy Drew into helping me.
Ace: That was my second guess.

Ace: You're removing the flavor layer.
Grant: The flavor layer?
Ace: I get it now. Your last restaurant closed due to lack of flavor.