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The Drew Crew arrives at Detective Con with some information for Lacey.

The contents of the box is possessed.

Lacey is not impressed that Nancy is cracking a case while there but says that someone confessed to the killings.

They decide to try draw the killer out and Nancy goes to her car, and he comes out. The killer tries to kill her so she goes out of her way to take him down.

When he is arrested, he says she knows nothing and that there is so much more to the mystery.

Nancy says she feels like it is not over and she's worried about what will come next.

The other case involved Lacey's grandmother and Ace was being possessed in some capacity.

Bess helped him through it and we learned Tom and the grandmother were having an interracial affair in 1950 and that he accepted blame for a murder even though he was innocent . This was to protect Lacey's grandmother.

Bess opened up to her new love interest about how weird and wonderful her day has been and that she would have slept with the woman if it wasn't that crazy. They make out and sleep together.

Nancy Drew
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