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Avery tries to impress a big shot who books opening acts for tours.  It's obviously difficult to do, so he contemplates signing with a female manager, Marilyn to help the process.  He realizes that the woman wants to sleep with him before signing him, he contemplates it, then goes over to her house.  He doesn't go through with it, but just thinking about it caused Scarlett to move out on him.

Rayna continues to work on her album, but she wants a new sound for the record.  She courts a big time rock 'n roll producer to help.  Once they agree to work together, it takes a few too many shots of whiskey to get that perfect sound she was looking for.

In an effort to improve her image, Juliette starts dating the nice guy quarterback of the Titans.  She was doing it for show, but actually began to like the "choir boy."  After a night out in Miami resulted in a picture that would harm both of their reputations, Juliette paid off the photographer.

Wyatt forced a traffic stop on Coleman that stopped him from being at an important political event.  What he didn't expect to happen was for the police to find drugs on the man when they searched his car.

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