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Rayna attempts to finish her last album with Edgehill so that she can get out of her contract, but she tells Liam that her vocal cords are messed up and can’t sing.  That made things difficult for her at the Edgehill party so much to the dismay of Jeff, she asked Scarlett on stage to sing instead.


Juliette and Avery went to Maryland to sing for some rich couple.  Avery got mad when Juliette referred to him as simply “on the payroll.”  They fight about it, Juliette gets drunk, and then she hooks up with the husband in Maryland.


Deacon goes to get help on his hand.  He also talks to Coleman, who says he needs to talk through his father issues at a meeting. 

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Nashville Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Will: How you like my new look?
Scarlett: Where's the bachelorette party?

I'd imagine it takes some of the pressure off singing somebody else's hits. It's kinda like, karaoke.


Nashville Season 2 Episode 3 Music

  Song Artist
Connie britton stronger than me Stronger Than Me Connie Britton iTunes
Song What If I Was Willing Sam Palladio
Holy folk how many ways How Many Ways Holy Folk iTunes