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Juliette struggles with how she should reveal her pregnancy to Avery. Her team is suspicious about her behavior. After catching them snooping through her things, she lashes out at them. Juliette manages to pull herself together long enough to get through her screen test with flying colors. She even has time to bond with her potential new co-star. After talking to Deacon, she goes to tell Avery she's pregnant. She sees him with another girl and leaves. Shockingly, Juliette shows up at Rayna's house and tells her she's pregnant.

Rayna feels pressure to have her wedding happen soon. Maddie is upset when Rayna tells her about the wedding date and tells her how Deacon told her he had proposed. Rayna tells Luke they should push the wedding back, which upsets him. Feeling guilty, Rayna surprises Luke on stage where he proceeds to play her his new song. Deacon angrily leaves and ends up sleeping with one of the backup singers. Rayna tells Luke they should combine their tours after the wedding.

Maddie continues to act out by lying to Teddy about her whereabouts. She ends up going to a party where she runs into Scarlett. Scarlett promptly makes her leave since she's too young. They end up bonding. Scarlett was sent to the party in order to have fun a write a song that was lighthearted. However, she uses her experience with Maddie to write a song that would be more meaningful to a teenage girl.

Gunner and Zoey deal with their own problems when they play a gig with Avery, who continues to remain drunk. She confronts him about writing music with Scarlett and not being truthful about his old "friend", Kiley. Turns out, Kiley is his first love. Gunner tells Kiley about his brother being dead.

Will can't take anymore of Layla's demands, and they have a fight. Layla confronts Jeff and tells him that if she isn't made into a star, she's going to "out" Will to the world. During this, Will hooks up with his personal trainer.

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