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Rayna sets up a meeting with Sadie Stone. At their meeting she pitches her being on the label, writing together, and going out on the road. She invites Sadie to accompany her to her wedding dress fitting. At the dress fitting, Sadie and Rayna find themselves stuck inside while paparazzi are set up outside. Sadie sneaks her out and they go on a car chase with the paparazzi following them. Rayna finds out Sadie signed with Jeff.

Jeff, having one an auction, goes golfing with Teddy. Teddy sees through Jeff's attempts to change his image by getting more music programs into schools. They talk about Teddy's daughters and music. He invites them to Sadie's concert where he plans to announce that he's signing her.

Rayna goes to Sadie to pitch her one last time. Sadie stuns Jeff when she announces on stage that she signed with Rayna's new label. Jeff threatens Rayna that everyone is fair game now. He makes a call to see if he can sign two kids with only one parent's consent as he stares at Rayna with Teddy and the girls. 

Deacon runs out on his one night stand with Pam. When she finds him later at AA, she says it's no big deal; it was just fun. He learns that she lied about being in AA. Later on the tour bus, Deacon and Pam bond and flirt over singing. They hook up again at a rest stop, and their bus leaves them behind.

Zoey is suspicious of Gunner and Scarlett after seeing them together. Zoey confronts Scarlett about her and Gunner. Scarlett claims nothing is going on. Later, Zoey walks into The Bluebird to find that Zoey and Scarlett had planned a surprise gong away party for her. She asks Scarlett to sing with her in front of everyone. Scarlett runs out and later tells Zoey to never ask her to do that again.

Avery falls apart after seeing that Juliette is cast in the Patsy Cline biopic opposite Noah West. Gunner stops by to try to get Avery out of his funk. Later, Glenn comes by and tells Avery he needs to talk to Juliette. Avery makes a scene at Zoey's going away party. He lashes out at everyone. After being picked up by the cops, the only number he can remember to call is Juliette's. When she bails him out, he breaks down and tells her he wants to feel nothing for her. He says she destroys people.

Juliette tells her team that she is pregnant but she wants them to find her a discrete adoption agency. Glenn tells Juliette it will be impossible to hide her pregnancy. Glenn just wants her to be happy. Juliette calls Rayna in a panic when she thinks she's losing the baby. At the hospital, Juliette learns the baby is fine. She tells Rayna she doesn't know how to make love work. Juliette goes to see Glenn and tells him that she's scared. 

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

I want you to be happy. I want you to believe that you can be happy. That you deserve to be happy.


Hey listen, you don't want to be Rayna James. You want to be the one and only Sadie Stone.


Nashville Season 3 Episode 4 Music

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Song Not My Time Honeymoons
Song Come See About Loving Me Amy Blaschke
Twiggs latter years Latter Years Twiggs iTunes