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Picking up right after the events of the previous episode, Rayna lets her family know the wedding has been called off. Juliette and Avery are spending their morning in wedded bliss. Teddy is trying to help Jeff get out of trouble with the law after Layla's overdose. Will is upset with Jeff about Layla. Gunnar gets ready to appear in court regarding Micah. Luke goes to Deacon's house thinking Rayna went there. She isn't, but they get into a fight on the front lawn.

Sadie goes to buy a gun to protect herself. Luke's team puts the entire wedding bill on Rayna. Will talks to Layla who is now awake. She tells him his secret is killing her. Gunnar makes a statement in court. Juliette seems overwhelmed by how much stuff Avery is moving in. Rayna sees the fight between Luke and Deacon on the internet.

Deacon goes to Rayna's house, but she's not there. Tandy tells him to leave. Maddie calls Colt and blames what happened on his dad. Will tells Jeff he thinks it's his own fault Layla tried to kill herself. Sadie writes a song about her pain. Rayna and Luke have a bitter exchange. Rayna speaks to the paparazzi and press camped outside her home. Juliette and Avery argue over a chair. Luke talks with his manager about Rayna's statement. Luke decides to hold a party for his fans that night. His kids overhear him and look disappointed. Jeff confronts the producer who blackmailed Will and Layla. Colt and his sister go to see Maddie and Daphne. Colt flirts with Maddie. Micah wants to leave with his grandparents after Gunnar admits he's not his father.

Tandy asks Rayna if Deacon is the reason for her leaving Luke. Gunnar tells Avery about losing Micah. Avery tells Gunnar about marrying Juliette. Sadie's ex shows up at her home. She doesn't open the door, but holds her gun just in case. Deacon goes to the doctor to get checked out. Will tells Layla she is free from their marriage and he's sorry. The doctor tells Deacon he needs a liver transplant. Scarlett isn't a match, so he needs to go on a donor list. Gunnar makes up with Micah's grandma. Teddy tells Jeff that Layla took responsibility for the pills she took. Micah refuses to speak to Gunnar. Rayna goes to see Deacon. She tells him she loves him, but needs time. Deacon doesn't tell her he's sick. Deacon yells at Scarlett after she tells him he should tell Rayna. Luke plays for his fans. Sadie prints out restraining order forms. Juliette puts the chair Avery loves in the baby's room. Scarlett calls her mom. 

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Luke: I mean, hell, before me you were mortgaged to the hilt, saddled with an album that wasn't commercial, I mean persona non grata on country radio... But now look at you. You got a platinum album, a sold out tour, and all those CMA awards. I mean now that you got your six statues, I guess you don't needs my seven carats. You can keep the damn ring by the way.
Rayna: Well if that's how you feel about it, guess I dodged a bullet, didn't I?

Will: Hey, how you feeling?
Layla: I tried to kill myself and couldn't even get that right. How do you think I'm doing?