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Juliette has spent the last three weeks stuck inside taking care of baby Cadence. Everyone but Juliette can manage to quiet the baby. Avery angers her when he has to leave her alone to deal with the band. Glenn and Emily stop by, and he tells Juliette about how the producers behind the Patsy Cline movie wanted her to record a song for the end credits. Juliette jumps at the chance and invites Deacon over when Avery says he can't help. Deacon tries to help, but he's too distracted by his own issues and leaves. After Avery returns, he discovers a live-in nanny Juliette hired without him. The next day, Avery brings Cadence with him to tell Gunnar and Scarlett he has to quit the band to help Juliette with the baby. Unfortunately, Juliette has boarded a plane to Los Angeles to record her song for the movie. She just failed to tell Avery she was leaving. 

Layla wants Jeff to help her get an opening spot for pop star Jade St. John (played by Christina Aguilera). It turns out Jeff and Jade use to be engaged 10 years ago. He asks her for the favor, but she wants something in return; to get an introduction with Luke. Luke isn't interested when Jeff asks, but Jade agrees to let Layla perform anyway. Prior to taking the stage, Layla finally reveals that Jeff is her manager. Rayna acts supportive, but finds Jeff offstage and tells him she can't wait for Layla to figure out just how awful he is and fire him. 

Deacon and Rayna deal with a moody Maddie, who's still upset about Deacon. Rayna discovers that Maddie is dating Cole. She talks with Luke, who thought she knew this whole time. Rayna and Maddie get into an argument and Rayna tells her she can't go to the Jade St. John concert with Colt. Maddie later apologizes to Deacon for her behavior, and he makes her apologize to Rayna via phone. All is forgiven and Rayna has Deacon bring Maddie to the concert to enjoy with Colt, who came with Luke. Luke decides he wants to meet Jade after all, and they get introduced. The next day, Maddie suggests Deacon move in since he's there all the time. 

Teddy gets the money to Natasha, but fails to realize she's been working with the feds and will be given immunity. 

Will finally gets to courage to ask out Kevin. They kiss.

Gunnar continues to act jealous around Scarlett's new boyfriend. 

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Let's see, what in the world am I gonna wear? I left all my sparkles at the dry cleaners.


Maddie: You're such a hypocrite.
Rayna: Excuse me? Alright, if you feel that way about it then we can have that conversation, but you need to be able do it in a respectful way.
Maddie: I don't respect you.
Rayna: Well then we have a problem.