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Teddy is hosting the Note By Note fundraiser. Deacon, Rayna, Maddie, and Daphne are set to perform. Deacon gets a call from the hospital saying a donor liver is available. Deacon, Rayna, and Maddie leave. Daphne is sad she can't sing anymore, so Teddy asks Luke for a favor, and Daphne ends up singing a duet with Luke. She asks Teddy if she can live with him full time.

At the hospital, Caleb tells Deacon he has a fever that needs to be checked out before they proceed. Thankfully it was only a sinus infection. Scarlett asks Deacon and Rayna for advice about handling the Gunnar situation. Deacon ends up not getting the transplant because the donor liver was cancerous. Deacon and Maddie have a heart to heart.

Juliette returns from Los Angeles. Avery had fired the nanny and his mom is now helping out. Juliette plans on going to the fundraiser. Avery shows up to support her. After Juliette has a run-in with Jade in the bathroom, Jade outbids Highway 65 so Layla can sing instead of Juliette. Afterward, Juliette lashes out at Jade in front of everyone. At home, Avery yells at her for her bad behavior. They sort of makeup, but Juliette still doesn't look happy.

Luke and Jade bond more. After Juliette yells at Jade, he brings her to the Bluebird to sing. Later that night, Jade and Luke kiss and go inside her hotel room.

Jade offers to bring Layla on tour as her opening act. Jeff doesn't want her to. He warns her about how Jade throws people away. Layla promises she won't do that to him, and they kiss.

Will and Kevin have been hooking up for a few days. Kevin brings someone else to the gala and it makes Will jealous. Will tells Kevin he wants it to just be the two of them as he tries to figure out how to handle coming out.

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Avery: I am trying to meet you halfway, but you can't even see that because you're so wrapped up in yourself.
Juliette: What are you talking about?
Avery: You picked a fight with a complete stranger because you didn't get a chance to sing.
Juliette: She was so out of line.
Avery: No, Juliette. You were. And it scares me that you don't know that. Tonight was about music in schools, not a Juliette Barnes comeback. Honestly, what the hell is wrong with you?

You know what, honey? You can waltz around in your little country barbie jacket and hold onto Luke Wheeler's hand like he's some golden ticket, but don't think for a second that everyone doesn't see right through you. You could've spent a million dollars tonight, and it wouldn't distract anyone from the fact that this is Nashville, and you don't belong here.