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Sadie and Luke are at the police station give their statements following Sadie shooting her husband and killing him. The police are tough on Sadie and point out she killed Pete with an unregistered gun. She calls Rayna, who runs to her aid with a lawyer. Rayna cancels her plans to host Juliette's baby shower. Sadie is emotional when she stays at Rayna's house. After learning that she won't be charged with anything, thanks to Luke's statement, she decides to leave town. First she calls Rayna to say goodbye. Then she goes to see Luke to thank him for lying in his statement and protecting her. They hug and she leaves.

Juliette spends the day getting angrier and angrier that no one, but the people she pays are going to show up to her baby shower. She destroys the decorations. When Rayna finally arrives, Juliette blows up at her, and Rayna yells right back. However, Juliette's water breaks which sends them to the hospital. Rayna holds Juliette's hand until Avery manages to get there in time. They welcome their baby girl into the world, but the episode ends before Juliette says the name.

Gunnar doesn't hide his jealousy when Scarlett returns from her night with Caleb. Scarlett asks Avery what's going on, but he doesn't want to get in the middle. Gunnar and Scarlett get into an argument about his behavior and they bring up things from their past relationship that still hurt. With Avery leaving abruptly to get to Juliette, Gunnar and Scarlett have to perform alone. Later, Gunnar tells her she has to still feel what he feels for her. She says she only felt the music.

Deacon spends the day with Maddie and Daphne, but Maddie is acting angry toward Deacon. He knows it's because she's upset about his cancer, and tries to talk to her. Maddie calls Teddy to come get her. When he arrives, he and Deacon argue a little bit before Deacon tells Teddy he's sick. Teddy tells Maddie to not run away from Deacon, and that he's probably just as scared as she is.

When he's not comforting his daughter, Teddy goes back to blackmailing his finance guy. He needs to get money to Natasha so she can leave town.

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

When Pete showed up, I was just so scared. I wanted something to just make feel a little bit more in control. A little bit safer. But I never thought that I would kill him. I did not mean to kill him.


Glenn: Sadie Stone shot her ex husband. Rayna's with her down at the police station.
Juliette: I cannot believe she would choose to shot someone on the day of my shower.