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Juliette's Pasty Cline movie debuts, and she appears completely recovered from her post-partum depression, even referencing Avery at home. 

But Avery and Cadence have moved back to Ohio with his parents during her absence. 

Rayna and the girls arrive at the hospital, greeted by a recovering Deacon. Beverly suffered an aneurysm and is in a coma. 

Gunnar attempts to get in contact with Scarlett, who has been avoiding him in the month since they almost kissed on the rooftop. She agrees to practice with him, but when they end up making out instead of singing, she tells him that they need to leave their attraction behind.

After coming out as gay, Will was temporarily dropped from Luke's tour to help with image issues. Kevin tries to get him to go out, but he's uncomfortable in public.

Rayna receives a worrying phone call from a sobbing Juliette, so she flies to L.A to see what the problem is.

Juliette denies ever making the phone call, and she tells Rayna that everyone thinks her music label is a failed vanity project. 

Deacon holds vigil at Beverly's side, guilty for having survived surgery while she hasn't pulled through. 

Maddie refuses to open the letters her father has sent from jail, and Daphne begins to feel left out now that Deacon has taken Teddy's place at home.

Avery decides to move back to Nashville and try to be a single parent. 

Rayna researches her label on the internet and find that people to genuinely believe that she doesn't know how to run a business and her label is a failure. 

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Nashville Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Kevin: I'm not realy feelin' another night locked in this bedroom watching TV.
Will: Then I guess I'll see you tomorrow.

I've had to do a lot of letting go lately. This one? Going to be real easy.