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Maddie runs away after the confrontation with Deacon at the bar, leaving her parents frantic for her return.

Deacon and Rayna's relationship is put to the test as they search everywhere for Maddie, including Juliette's where Rayna and Juliette have an intense, mother-to-mother chat, but Maddie has Cash helping her stay hidden and figure out what's next for her and her career.

Cash convinces Maddie that being emancipated will be her best bet to being free of her parents' control, because they're preventing her from having a career, which Rayna just wants to protect her baby from leaving home at 16 and never going back, like she did.

Luke's tour almost falls apart again when Riff goes missing and is then found after having a stroke with an escort, after days of booze and pills. 

Avery contemplates Layla's offer to be her band leader on tour, determining whether this would be the correct move for him and Cadence, and also considering Juliette, too. Meanwhile, he grows closer to Layla, which causes Juliette to get jealous.

Wanting to stay close to Cadence, relaunch her career, and keep an eye on Avery and Layla, Juliette worms her way back into Luke's tour to replace Riff, setting the love triangle up for some heated moments on the road.


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Nashville Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

I'm relaunching my tour in less than 24 hours with his name on the ticket and you're telling me he just up and disappeared?


It's great to have the team back, huh?