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The doctors tells Deacon and Scarlett that Beverly is brain dead, and Scarlett has to decide whether to pull the plug or not. Deacon pushes back, but Scarlett is unsure. 

Daphne gets suspended from school for fighting because girls were making fun of Teddy for being in jail. 

Avery tries to get a hold of Juliette, but her people won't put him through. Juliette decides to hang out with Luke on tour rather than go home to see her family. They end up racing cars and partying at a bar.

Will hangs out with Kevin and his writing buddies. Kevin's gay friend accuses Will of running from homophobia instead of confronting it head on and using his celebrity status for good.

Scarlett asks Caleb for advice on what to do about Beverly, but he won't help her one way or the other because he doesn't want to make the choice for her. 

Gunnar finds out what happened with Beverly. When he shows up at the hospital, he helps her make the decision to take Beverly off of life support. She asks Deacon to be there for her, but he's firmly against ending life support. 

Emily tries to reassure Avery that Juliette wants to be with him, but he doesn't want to hear it. 

Daphne and Maddie go back to see Teddy, and Rayna thanks him for being a great husband and father to the girls. Her speech helps her daughters remember the good times with their dad. They forgive him, but Teddy decides to plead guilty for his crimes. 

Luke lets Juliette crash with him because she's so drunk, and he tells her to be sure not to miss out on her kid's life while out on tour. 

Scarlett waits for Deacon during Beverly's last moments, but he doesn't show. 

Avery decides to hold off on divorce. 

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Nashville Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

I want to divorce my wife.


You don't know her, I know her. This is my sister, and she's trying to breathe! She's a fighter!