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Luke's upcoming tour begins to look like his way out of the mess he's in with the IRS as tickets sell out for all locations, because of his new partnership with music legend, Riff, Luke's friend and idol. 

But this positive air begins to fall apart as Riff's inexperience over his retirement is painfully obvious during rehearsals.

Riff's anger issues are revealed, too, as he blows up on Luke and his band, ignorant of his own terrible singing and playing. But when he stops to think, he admits he's awful and wants to get better, making for some extreme rehearsals.

Avery meets a woman at the park with Cadence, who he finds attractive, and before long, they're on a date. They share a great time at her house and they make future plans, which pisses Layla off.

Her plans to use Avery as a pawn in her war with Juliette are taking a backseat as Avery finally moves on and tries to be happy without her. 

Maddie and Colt reunite, but Colt believes she's changed because of her friendship with Cash, and his separation from his father has shown him the faults in the music industry. He doesn't support Maddie's dreams, causing her to break up with him.

Meanwhile, it's revealed that Vida did steal the $500 from the Beverly to save her sister from bad guys, but she lied straight to Rayna and Deacon's faces about it.

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Nashville Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

As we know, there are no guarantees, but I just love the stories you told, and I think audiences are gonna love them, too.


I learned to hold her with one arm, and make a sandwich with the other.