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While Rayna sets up for Markus' album launch concert, Markus goes missing. 

Gunnar and Scarlett return from touring, and Scarlett dodges questions about why Caleb isn't there to greet her. Instead, she goes with Deacon to the grand opening of the Beverly.

Luke gets a visit from the FBI, who tells him that his business manager has been embezzling from him and he owes the government $40 million. Luke decides to liquidate anything he can in order to avoid declaring bankruptcy. 

Emily confesses to Avery that she went to visit Juliette in rehab. She tries to persuade Avery to go see her. 

Markus begins to have serious doubts about debuting a country album. Rayna reassures him that people will love the album.

Caleb and Scarlett recommit to their relationship, but then Caleb tells her that he got a job offer in Seattle. When she doesn't react well, he says he won't take it.

Will goes to Wade's house for another writing session, but when Wade comes on to him, he realizes that he made the right decision coming out instead of living a lie.

When Markus' album opens to huge numbers, they celebrate. Markus kisses Rayna, but she immediately tells him to respect her boundaries. The next day, Markus cancels his tour and says he's moving to L.A.

Juliette's therapist visits Avery and tells him that she needs to bond with Cadence if she wants to recover.

The story about Luke's taxes gets out, and Gabriella tells him that the brand is dead. 

Deacon plans to propose to Rayna, but his plans get ruined when she goes to placate Markus after telling him about the kiss.

Scarlett tells Gunnar about her potential move, and he tells her if it makes her happy they'll make it work. She realizes she couldn't say that to Caleb, so she breaks up with him. 

Avery agrees to let Emily take Cadence to Juliette for supervised visits. 

Luke visits Colt and apologizes for the way he handled things, but Colt doesn't forgive him.

Deacon apologies for their fight and proposes to Rayna. She says yes. 

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Nashville Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

I have to admit, I didn't think he'd pull it off, but he's good.


Friends? We're more than friends, we're partners.