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Juliette returns to Nashville and it's not what she expected. 

Avery still is intent on her only seeing Cadence for three hours a week and when Juliette is offered a part in a film, she must evaluate whether leaving for two weeks would be worth not seeing Cadence.

Juliette's return continues to have her searching to find and forgive herself for her past.

Frankie and Deacon's one-sided rivalry is finally revealed when Frankie goes on stage drunk, ruining his 15 year sobriety in front of his daughter, Cash. Frankie's jealousy over Deacon and his fame ruins himself and ruins their friendship, possibly for good.

Rayna searches for Vita, contacting the police for information, but when they're reluctant to help her or admit that something happened to Vita, she takes things into her own hands.

Layla's new album begins to launch as her plan to take down Juliette takes the back seat.

Colt wants to join the army, but first he needs a parental consent form from Luke, though Luke is skeptical. From his own experience, he doesn't want Colt to join, mostly for his own safety.

Their strained relationship starts to mend a bit, but every time they have a disagreement, it's like they take 500 steps backwards.

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Nashville Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Doctor: How do you feel?
Juliette: Sad to see her go. But other than that, good. Different.

I need to focus on getting back into my regular life.