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Paparazzi surrounds Maddie's house and the video of her altercation with the police officer is all over the news.

Deacon is introduced to Alyssa Green, the new Chief Strategy Officer for Highway 65.

Hallie performs at The Bluebird Cafe.

Maddie checks in on Clay who is now avoiding her.

Deacon and Zack meet with a local councilman to discuss Maddie's situation.

Gunnar wants to pick up where they left off but Scarlett is hesitant.

We see Hallie's home life and its more complicated than we realized.

Daphne and Liv are growing closer.

Bucky talks to Maddie about making a public apology.

Maddie visits Juliette at the studio.

The group meets Alyssa Green and they're not impressed.

Avery offers to produce Hallie's album.

Maddie is worried when disturbing news stories start to come out about Clay.

Liv's posts a meme online that blows up.

Scarlett talks to Deacon about her problems with Gunnar.

Maddie is approached by a reporter.

Hallie wants to sign with Highway 65 but doesn't want to leave her band behind.

Maddie visits Clay at his apartment. When she's turned away, she seeks comfort from Deacon.

Zack and Will talk about his career and try to set boundaries between it and their relationship.

Maddie finds the words to make a statement she's comfortable with.

Someone packs up and leaves Nashville.

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Nashville Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

The music industry can be pretty unforgiving.


Just sign her already. I'll handle the rest.

Avery [to Deacon]