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Juliette is still frustrated with the reaction from her gospel album and wants to make a new album STAT.

Deacon is asked to play at The Blue Bird but is hesitant because he hasn't played in a while. A close friend talks him into it.

Clay and Maddie are hanging out at his place when they get a pleasant surprise.

Juliette loses a scheduled appearance and worries that her career is over.

Maddie does an interview but is thrown off by the questions she's asked.

Daphne and Liv convince Deacon to let them stay at the house rather than going to his performance.

Maddie and Clay have a run in with law enforcement.

Juliette reaches out to an old friend for professional help but it discouraged when he wants to talk about Maddie.

Damien has elaborate plans for Scarlett and the baby that force her to think about what and who she really wants.

Juliette rushes to Maddie's side when a video surfaces that paints her in a bad light. Her advice surprises Maddie.

Scarlett stops by Deacon's for a pep talk.

Juliette finds her next single but not in the best way.

Clay makes a decision about his relationship with Maddie.


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Nashville Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

We’re having a baby!

Damien [to Scarlett and Gunnar]

I don’t want to hear about how great I’m doing, I want to hear about how great I am.