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The security team is back at Rayna's house since Hockney bailed himself out. Maddie is annoyed and doesn't want security following her around.

Juliette's going to bible study and spending as much time at the church as possible. She wants to do a gospel album with the church choir but Hallie doesn't think it's a great idea.

Damien and Scarlett meet for lunch. He's into her and wants to know how she feels.

Hockney shows up at Rayna's house. Deacon wants to do something about it but security won't let him.

Daphne's going through a lot of changes. She reaches out to her sister for help, but is embarrassed when she is rescued by someone else.

Deacon and Scarlett have a heart to heart about her feelings for Gunnar and Damien.

Scarlett realizes what she needs to do and goes to find Gunnar.

After rubbing the choir the wrong way the first time, Juliette tries again with a different approach.

Maddie is adamant she's going to Clay's performance alone but Rayna has other plans. She ends up making an offer to Clay he can't refuse.

After talking with Gunnar, Scarlett finds Damien.

Hockney finally gets Rayna alone and we learn why he's been stalking her.

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Nashville Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Scarlett: I met him for lunch.
Gunnar: So, in other words, you slept with him?
Scarlett: No.
Gunnar: But you're going to.

Because you're the beautiful girl and I'm the frog. You always get to decide.

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