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Deacon forgot that he agreed to donate an item for an upcoming charity auction. They want something of Rayna's but he's not sure he wants to go in her closet let alone sort through her clothes. It doesn't help that Maddie and Daphne hate the idea of donating anything of Rayna's.

Scarlett and Gunnar are doing a commercial as part of Alyssa's ideas to branch into new revenue streams. The commercial is for furniture and Scarlett's not happy with the piece they choose.

Avery's heading out on tour but is hesitant to leave Juliette and Cadence. Juliette is doing her best to support him but she doesn't want him to go.

Daphne is nervous about attending an 8th grade party and wants Maddie to put make up on her so she'll look older.

Avery performs and kills it. he catches the eye of a cute, female bartender.

Juliette is practicing new choreography and having trouble. She's embarassed and tried to push through it.

Daphne is uncomfortable when the party turns into what she terms a make out orgy.

Juliette's upset when she wants to talk to Avery but he's too drunk. Things get worse when the bartender takes his phone away.

Jessie and Deacon are both performing at the auction. They also just happen to be seated next to each other. At the auction, we meet Brad,  Jessie's ex-husband. She seems to shrink in his presence.

Daphne returns from the party and talks to Maddie about her feelings for Flynn.

Deacon gets uncomfortable when listening to everyone bid on Rayna's jacket. He leaves suddenly and Jessie follows later. The two of them have another heart to heart.

Juliette finally gets to talk to Avery.

Gunnar and Scarlett fight about their relationship and end up in a dangerous situation.


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Nashville Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Juliette: I'm going to kill you.
Avery: And I love you.

I'm not sure you can put a timeline on grief.