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Juliette is at the doctor after suffering numerous dizzy spells. He thinks her body is reacting strangely to trauma she's suffered over the years.

The choir is getting ready for their performance with Juliette. Glen is surprised when Juliette decides she wants to do  the performance alone.

Zack wants to launch Maddie's album in a cool new way but Bucky doesn't understand and Deacon is hesitant to choose between the two. Maddie just wants to release the album already.

Daphne spends more time with her new friend, Liv, but things get dangerous and Liv gets hurt prompting Daphne to make an unexpected offer.

Juliette lies to Hallie and the choir about why she's doing the performance alone. The former buys it, the latter doesn't.

Avery rocks the house when he opens for a festival and afterwards, gets an interesting offe from a familiar face..

Scarlett drops the baby bomb on Damien but abruptly leaves when she doesn't like his reaction.

Deacon comes clean to Bucky about Zack's intentions.

Hallie confronts Juliette when her lie backfires. Avery tells her to face it and be honest but she's scared.

Deacon finds a surprising guest in his home. He and Daphne talk about it like adults.

Damien seeks Scarlett out to apologize and makes a bold declaration. She dismisses him but not completely.

Bucky makes a decision about his future with Highway 65.


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Nashville Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Scarlett: I'm pregnant and you're the father.
Damien: Wait, let's slow things down for a minute. That's impossible.
Scarlett: You do understand the process of conception?

Liv: This is your house? Are you guys millionaires?
Daphne: Musicians.
Liv: Millionaire musicians.