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Someone's been arrested for the robbery and Scarlett or Gunnar need to identify them. The two of them are not doing so good.

Juliette's new single is off the charts; the only problem is it was supposed to be Maddie's. She's preparing for her promo party and hoping the truth doesn't come out.

Scarlett's having stomach pains. She's worried so she asks Deacon takes her to the hospital.

Juliette gets Travis tickets to a concert on the night of her promo party so that he and Maddie can't run into each other.

Scarlett gets bad news about her pregnancy.

Deacon confides in Jessie without meaning to because he's distracted by trying to protect the girls.

Gunnar Scarlett up from the hospital and takes her home. She just wants to be alone.

Maddie and Juliette perform Water Rising together.

Gunnar vents to Will. He's having nightmares about the robbery. Will tries to understand but Gunnar walks away frustrated.

Jessie drops a package off for Scarlett and the two of them end up talking.

Gunnar goes searching for the kids who robbed them.

Juliette runs circles around her party trying to keep Travis and Maddie away from each other.

Scarlett and Gunnar have an honest conversation about their relationship.

Maddie finds out about the song and confronts Juliette. She tries to apologize but Maddie doesn't want to hear it.

Scarlett hosts a fundraiser for the women's shelter and makes a big announcement.

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Nashville Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

I knew what I was doing and I did it anyway. There's no excuse. I’m just really sorry.


I’ve got no memories. I never even got to tell her her name. All I’ve got is the blanket they wrapped in her when I asked to see her.