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NCIS: LA investigates the death of James Rush, a young Naval officer killed when his car suddenly explodes in an illegal street race.

Initially it looks like a rival street racer sabotaged his car, however, NCIS: LA discovers the rival was Rush’s girlfriend who raced under a male persona.

She very upset about his death and an unlikely candidate for his murderer. But as always there is more to this than meets the eye.

Rush left behind a brother and sister who have been trying to keep the family business, a garage, alive.

Kensi and Sam then discover that Rush had stolen two advanced lithium-ion battery systems from his military unit.

It seems that Rush had been working on this top secret power-boosting device and “borrowed” the equipment to test it.

The second device is missing and now Kensi and Sam must not only \ solve Rush’s murder, but recover the second system.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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