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Amateur videographers see a private jet landing. They realize a prisoner is being transferred and also happen to film the breakdown of that transfer.

In the aftermath of a shootout, the prisoner escapes.

The NCIS: LA team is called in to cooperate with the Army CID, and the prisoner is ID'd as the terrorist leader Agent Vaile’s captors wanted released.

The team began by investigating one of the airport workers who was killed. They discovered that his wife was held hostage to force his cooperation.

He was supposed to fly the terrorist leader out of the country, but with him dead, the OSP team had another chance to catch the leader escaping.

Next, they tracked down Mo and encouraged him to turn on the leader in exchange for leniency.

The team also investigated the dead airport worker’s supervisor and found she was also involved in the breakdown of security. The final conspirator?

The MPs tasked with capturing the terrorist leader.

While all this was going on, Hetty submitted her resignation letter to Director Vance. Fortunately, Callen retrieved the letter by picking Vance’s pocket.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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