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Callen asks Hetty where Anna is. She said she's aware of Anna's mission, but Joelle is running it for the CIA. Anna sends a message from Cuba indicating trouble. Nikita shows up in surveillance from Havana. So the team heads to Cuba. They have 24 hours before Rogers arrives. Callen calls Alex to let her know he'd found Nikita. But Rogers shows up early to work out, and Eric and Nell cover badly. Joelle and Callen meet with her contact Lionel. Cuban soldiers show up and capture Joelle and Callen. Lionel had betrayed them to Volkoff. He tells Sam that Volkoff threatened his family. Callen awakes in the same cell as Nikita. Nikita recognizes the tattoo of Reznikov, a man Volkoff is having tortured. Lionel has led the rest of the team to Volkoff's hideout. Volkoff has Joelle and Anna tied up against a wall. He shoots Joelle and Anna when Nikita won't cooperate with him. Callen is being tortured. The team enters the bunker through ventilation shafts. Rogers walks in on Eric and Nell working on the mission, then wants answers. Reznikov said he has taken over a project that Volkoff had been running. Nikita and Reznikov signal back and forth, then take out the guards. Volkoff shoots Nikita. Callen escapes as well. Callen goes back for Nikita and gets trapped, until Anna and Joelle find him. Volkoff is running from Reznikov, but traps him in a room. Lionel gets captured. Volkoff activates the bunker's chlorine-gas system. Nikita shoots Volkoff. He wants to become a CIA asset. But they leave him behind when the chlorine gas goes off. Anna gets winged on the way out. Rogers called Hetty, who called Admiral Kilbride to arrange a chopper for the team. Fugitive Anna stays in Cuba. Volkoff dies and Reznikov escapes. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 22 Quotes

[Nikita's} still alive.


Joelle: If this thing goes sideways, I'm the one who takes the fall.
Callen: And Anna.
Joelle: And Anna.