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A stolen prototype for a tactical assault suit is used in a jewelry-store robbery. Nicole DeChamps is filling in for a rehabbing Callen. Kilbride was sent to Los Angeles to disband the team, but he's not sure he should do that. Hetty and Mosley are facing repercussions for the Mexico mission. Kilbride asked Callen if the team could carry on without Hetty. The team is asked to investigate the robbery. Nell has received footage of the single robber in an armored suit. They search for the robber's tech van. The explosives used were highly classified, which makes them easier to track. DeChamps still plans to go to San Diego after Callen gets back. The man overseeing the suit is missing. Sam and DeChamps find the garage to which the van went. The van has been repainted black with a limo-company logo. They need to figure out the robber's next target. Deeks and Kensi are back to discussing wedding plans. They find the missing man dead and his nephew, Jordan Abalos, locked up in a closet. The team settles on the area around the King Tut exhibit. Rob Durant is the man in the suit, with his girlfriend in the van. Durant loaned money to Abalos, and he couldn't pay it back. Durant took the uncle's wife and daughter to force him to steal the suit. Kensi and Deeks find the wife and daughter alive in a car trunk. Sam and DeChamps locate the van at a casino. They want to contain Durant before he gets into the casino. DeChamps captures the girlfriend after a brawl. Deeks and Kensi distract Durant, while Sam attacks, taking Durant down with shots under his mask. Beal invites Nell to move in with him. Deeks invites Callen to move into the apartment above Deeks' bar.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 2 Quotes

Kilbride: I'm an old man, Callen.
Callen: OK.
Kilbride: You didn't have to agree with me.

Callen: I'm almost back to feeling human.
Kilbride: Better than the alternative.