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Ochoa has farmed out the team, and they meet with Tobin Shaked, who is now working for a secret government agency. They are supposed to infiltrate the Patton Project, a terrorist group advocating for extreme military force on Muslim nations, at Venice Beach. Arlo Turk is also involved. Eric's research reveals Shaked works for an assassination team. Sam and Callen are unhappy about being forced into this operation. One person on the suspect list, Dean White, died under mysterious circumstances. Turk and Callen interrogate Medical Examiner Amy Shuler. She said White was waterboarded, which led to his death. Callen confronts Ochoa, who confirms Callen's suspicion that Shaked is finding and assassinating members of the Patton Project. Kensi spots Col Trevor Lawford meeting with another man at Venice Beach. Deeks chases the other man on his skateboard. Turk and Tobed corner him on the roof. He goes flying off soon after. Shaked and Turk said the man jumped. The man who died just got out of a mental hospital. The man's sister said he wanted his suicide to be glorious. Lawford is trying to recruit suicide bombers at mental hospitals. They figure out where Lawford is staying. Shaked is already there in a van with a sniper rifle, but Turk stops him from shooting so Lawford can be arrested. Shaked stops Sam and Callen's interrogation and asks Lawford for the other members of his group. Shaked threatens to arrest Lawford's family based on fabricated taped conversations. Eric and Nell discover that Lawford was seeking gaps in the security at Burbank Airport. The woman Lawford had recruited gets past the TSA agent. She's on a flight with a Muslim cleared to fly, but the flight gets grounded. Sam and Callen find and remove her. Ochoa said he made the deal to save the team. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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